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Class Notes


Section 1.1: Intro to Whole Numbers

Section 1.2: The Language of Algebra

Section 1.3: Add and Subtract Integers

Section 1.4: Multiply and Divide Integers

Section 1.5: Visualizing Fractions & Fraction Operations

Section 1.6: Add and Subtract Fractions

Section 1.8: The Real Numbers

Section 1.9: Properties of Real Numbers

Linear Equations & Inequalities

Section 2.1: Solve Equations Using Addition and Subtraction

Section 2.2: Solve Equations Using Multiplication and Division

Section 2.3: Solve Equations with Variables and Constants on Both Sides

Section 2.4: General Strategy for Solving Equations

Section 2.5: Solve Equations with Fractions and Decimals

Section 2.6: Solve a Formula for a Specific Variable

Section 2.7: Solve Linear Inequalities


Section 6.2: Use Multiplication Properties of Exponents

Section 6.7: Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation


Section 6.1: Add and Subtract Polynomials

Section 6.3: Multiply Polynomials

Section 6.4: Special Products

Section 6.6: Divide Polynomials


Section 7.1: Greatest Common Factor & Factor by Grouping

Section 7.2: Factoring Trinomials of the Form x2+bx+c

Section 7.3: Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax2+bx+c

Section 7.4: Factoring Special Products

Section 7.5: General Strategy for Factoring Polynomials

Section 7.6: Quadratic Equations