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Class Notes

Part 1

Section 5.1: Sequences

Section 5.2: Infinite Series

Section 5.3: The Divergence and Integral Tests

Section 5.4: The Comparison Tests

Section 5.5: Alternating Series

Section 5.6: The Ratio and Root Tests

Part 2

Section 6.1: Power Series

Section 6.2: Operations on Power Series

Section 6.3: Taylor and Maclaurin Series

Section 6.4: Working with Taylor Series

Part 3

Section 4.3: Separable Differential Equations

Section 4.5: First-Order Linear Differential Equations

Section 7.1: Parametric Equations & Curves

Section 7.2: The Calculus of Parametric Curves

Section 7.3: Polar Coordinates and Curves

Section 7.4: The Calculus of Polar Curves