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At Holt.Blue we encourage our users to participate in the process of inquiry and discovery! Below you will find a growing collection of miscellaneous experiments and snippets we have tried and have found interesting and we believe that you will find them interesting too. They are repeatable experiments which bring a love of language and science together!
As such, we encourage you to try them yourself! We also hope that you will use them as a starting point for your own pet projects or lesson plans. In any case let us know what you have tried!
State of the Union Sampler: Has the State of the Union Become... dumber?
A Tale of Two Densities: Wikipedia vs. The Short Story. Comparing Lexical Densities.
What Did I Just Agree To? Online Privacy Policies and Readability.
Journalism Across the Pond: BBC News vs. The New York Times. A Very Informal Comparison.
Random Gutenberg: Readability, Lexical Density and Semicolon Usage Data from a Random Sample of Project Gutenberg e-books.
Three Celebrities. Three Politicians. An Informal Analysis of Six Interview Transcripts.
Are Active Sentences More Lexically Dense? Be Active when Using Passive Voice.
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