holt.blue FAQs

Do you post our assignment grades on holt.blue?
No. Check Canvas to view your grades.
I can't download a homework/quiz certificate. What do I do?
You may either take a screenshot or simply take a picture with your phone and send that to me instead.
I copied and pasted data from the homework into the stats software, but when I hit calculate, nothing happens.
Make sure that there is at least a space between each data point. If you enlarge the data entry window (using bottom right corner) and see that it is one long string of digits, you need to either put a space between each data point, or put each data point on a separate line making a vertical column. Also, make sure that javascipt is enabled on your browser.
Why is your website called holt.blue?
Because it's easy to remember and it sounds cooooooooooooool.