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Hypothesis Test for Two Population Proportions

  • Use this test when in both samples there are 5 or more successes (i.e., $n_1\hat{p}_1\geq 5$ and $n_2 \hat{p}_2\geq 5$) and 5 or more failures (i.e., $n_1(1-\hat{p}_1)\geq 5$ and $n_2(1-\hat{p}_2)\geq 5$).
Sample Sizes: $n_1=$ $n_2=$
Sample Proportions:$\hat{p}_1=$ $\hat{p}_2=$
Null Hypothesis:$H_0: p_1=p_2$
Alternative Hypothesis:$H_a: p_1$ $p_2$
Significance Level: $\alpha=$

Sample Size: $n_1=$$n_2=$
Sample Proportions: $\hat{p}_1=$$\hat{p}_2=$
Difference Estimate: $\hat{p}_1-\hat{p}_2=$
Pooled Sample Proportion: $\hat{p}_{pool}=$
Standard Error: $\mbox{SE}_{\hat{p}_{pool}}=$
Critical $z$ Value:$z^{*}=$
$z$ Statistic:$z=$