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Class Videos

Part 1

Section 1.1: Review of Functions

Section 1.2: Basic Classes of Functions

Section 2.1: A Preview of Calculus

Section 2.2: The Limit of a Function

Section 2.3: The Limit Laws

Part 2

Section 3.1: Defining the Derivative

Section 3.2: The Derivative as a Function

Section 3.3: Differentiation Rules

Section 3.4: Derivatives as Rates of Change

Section 3.6: The Chain Rule

Part 3

Section 3.8: Implicit Differentiation

Section 4.1: Related Rates

Related Rates Bonus Example (Watch if You Dare!)

Section 4.3: Maxima and Minima

Section 4.5: Derivatives and the Shape of a Graph

Section 4.7 (Part 1): Applied Optimization

Section 4.7 (Part 2): Applied Optimization